Attavola Italy:

the best opportunity for Italian Producers to reach Usa Food Market.

Our goal is to offer exclusive and high quality products from meticulously selected producers, to the international marketplace. Attavola is the connection between the small artisan producers and the rest of the world. In particular Attavola works with exporting to The United States of America but also has customers in Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Korea and other countries in Western Europe.

After an experience of many years in the export branch, today Attavola is proud to offer business support, assistance and professional consulting to all companies that would like to export directly from Italy, taking care of the following services:

  1. Market analysis and position of the products

  2. Export and management of FDA and customs requirements

  3. FRN and Small Business Registration

  4. Labeling and nutrition facts

  5. We are able to quote the cost of the goods delivered to your door, including groupage, freight, customs, insurance, duties and delivery

  6. Arrangement of customs clearance and transportation from door to door Attavola Italy bring the companies to the international trading, helping them step by step, through the international regulation and law.

We also provide consulting and support for anyone would like to start a restaurant business:

  1. Market analysis (as geographical position, tourism, competitors)

  2. Furniture and equipment selection

  3. Staff selection

  4. Supplier selection

  5. Customize the menu

  6. Everything concern the start-up of the business

This is only one part of the services that we can offer to our customers.

aTTavola S.r.l.  –  via Roma, 118  –  90041 Balestrate (PA)  –  Italy

Phone: +39 091 8786643           Fax: +39 06 23328097