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aTTavola’s  tours are a truly unforgettable.

aTTavola organizes exceptional Italian food and wine tours throughout the year. We feature tastings and tours of small artisanal Italian producers who make the highest quality of traditional Italian food and wines. aTTavola culinary tours are completaly customizable. We will work with the needs of your group  to create the most enjoiable customized Italian tour. Whether it is cheese making, wine tasting, cooking classes, or something entirely different, aTTavola will work with you to create the best Italian group vacation. Also, throughout our tours we visit many famous Italian places and landmarks. All of our tours feature accommodation  in 4/5 star hotels and lunches and dinners in top restaurants.

For an unforgettable Italiani holiday, wedding, family reunion...

Great Italian food and fabulous Italian wines. About tours